The Truth Behind Beyonce Plastic Surgery – Breast Reduction Cost – Mini face lift , Laser Face Lift , Lower Face Lift , Non Surgical Face Lift

Beyonce Plastic Surgery – Breast Reduction Cost – Mini face lift , Laser Face Lift , Lower Face Lift , Non Surgical Face Lift


Beyonce Knowles is one of the hottest and the most alluring faces in Hollywood and in the music industry. Born Beyonce Giselle Knowles, she is now 32 years of age but still looks as vibrant and as young as ever. Beyonce is known for being health conscious and figure conscious and she has been rumoured to be using different diets at a time like the controversial lemonade diet and the impossible maple syrup diet. Because of her demanding roles in the movies and her series of concerts in the US and abroad, she has also embraced the use of surgical remedies in making herself thinner, sexier and definitely more alluring.

The singer, songwriter and actress has been known to use plastic surgery and this has been the topic of many plastic surgery sites. If you were to compare Beyonce’s pictures in the 90s with her pictures today, you will agree that there is really a grain of truth to Beyonce plastic surgery rumors and in fact is it more than a grain but rather a pound of truth. Here are some very noticeable plastic surgery techniques that the Love on Top singer has obviously done.

Nose job

If you look at a close up picture of Beyonce in the 90s, with her framed long hair, you will clearly see that she had a larger nose with a wider bridge. Although her nose before looked okay, she further made it smaller and more refined. Her nose now looks more slender and fitting her matured-looking face. Beyonce’s nose job further made her looks more striking and very beautiful. Although she has never confirmed she had never had nose surgery, expert surgeons and plastic surgeons agree that her noticeably sharper looks are a result of rhinoplasty. It also seems that she had further nose jobs in 2003 and 2004 since her nose keeps on looking smaller and more refined.

Boob job

Beyonce has obviously had her breasts enhanced since her figure looks fuller and curvier compared to years ago. She may have had breast enhancement surgery considering that her breasts look larger and fuller even before she had her son Blue Ivy. If you look at her figure, specifically her breasts when she was on stage and even on tour in the 90s, she looked slim. But now, even without the aid of push-up garments and flattering clothing, her breasts still look firm and full.

Plastic surgeons like Dr Anthony Youn agree that Beyonce had breast augmentation and this made her look sexier and more mature.

Lip reduction

When Beyonce started singing she already had kissable lips but looking at her recent pictures, she obviously had her lip reduced. It is thinner than it was before and kissable as ever. However, this Beyonce plastic surgery was never confirmed. There are speculations that lip makeup may have contributed to this thinner look in the singer’s lips but then she still looks absolutely gorgeous with her thin and distracting lips!

Skin lightening

This is definitely one of the most obvious transformations that Beyonce has done so far. But of course, who would want to have lighter and brighter skin? Just look at her photos before and then now, she absolutely has become lighter and more radiant than ever before. There are people who say that she may have overdone her skin lightening since she seems barely unrecognizable in some photographs.

She may have used products to lighten her skin or may have a regular spa treatment but all we know is that she looks stunning even without makeup! Her skin is flawless and there seems no hint of any wrinkles even along the eye areas and on the lips. This is why there are also rumors that she has also done Botox over the years. If you have seen her smile or raise her eyebrows, you may have noticed her forehead barely moving. This is absolutely the result of having repetitive Botox injections.

Tummy tuck

Beyonce is known to have a full figure and after her pregnancy, everyone commented that she was able to get her pre pregnant body back in so little time. A tummy tuck may be the reason for this since she was able to flaunt her beautiful figure during her concerts, guest appearances and even in candid shots wearing a bathing suit. This is the work of liposuction or a tummy tuck or she has the best metabolism in the planet!

The bottom line

But with the advancement in makeup techniques and makeup products, anybody can have a perfect face or a blemish-free complexion. Anyone with a full figure can also get the sexier and slimmer body through the latest exercise routines and new-age diet plans. However, diet and exercise can take time and may never yield the desired results that you specifically want. This is the main reason why most Hollywood celebrities, music idols, models and socialites decide to undergo plastic surgery or other artificial treatments.

But of course all these plastic surgery techniques will not guarantee permanent youth. There is nothing to stop time or stop wrinkles and fine lines from forming, this is why top notch stars like Beyonce, partner these plastic surgery with healthy living, the right diet and a rigorous workout routine.

She once mentioned in an interview that she has a very realistic outlook when it comes to fitness. “I can’t eat what I want and I can’t not go to the gym” she adds “it’s a lot of sacrifice. It is more about your mental strength than physical strength. You have to push yourself. It does not matter what trainer you have. And it doesn’t matter what program you are on. You have to be healthy and make the right choices.”

Currently, Beyonce is on high-intensity interval training and is a fan of Marco Borges, a celebrity trainer. She uses Borges’ Power Moves to burn more calories in a short amount of time. She also loves to have fun and to add fun with her fitness regimens.